Below are estimated fees for clinical services. Fees are subject to change at any time. An up-to-date financial agreement will be provided upon appointment scheduling.

Therapy services:

  • Intake/consultation appointment: $210

  • Individual or family therapy, 50 minute session: $170

  • School and other off-site meetings: $170 per hour

Time in excess of standard sessions is prorated. Fees for special services (e.g., forensic services, home or hospital visits) are arranged separately.

Evaluation services:

  • Intake/consultation appointment: $210

  • Comprehensive psychological testing: $210 per unit of testing, average cost approximately $2100

  • Feedback session (to review testing results): $210

Optional additional services:

  • Clinical evaluation (i.e. review of school records, history and previous evaluations; collection of updated parent/teacher observational rating scales): $650

  • School consultation package (classroom observation and up to 3 hours time for school meetings following evaluation): $750

  • Individual school visits (e.g. meetings, classroom observations): $200/hour, including travel time