Psychologist Job Description

Psychologist will provide outpatient therapy to patients of Thinking Tree Psychology, located in Severna Park, Maryland. Clinical therapy services include treatment of children, adolescents and young adults.

Reports to:


Minimum Qualification Requirements:

  • Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology (or related with clinical tracks); and

  • Active, unrestricted license (PhD or PsyD) in the State of Maryland (must be fully licensed). A copy must be provided to Thinking Tree Psychology.

  • Available to hold at least 15 patient sessions per week, provided such sessions are available and referred by Thinking Tree and outside sources.

Other Qualification Preferences:

  • Prior experience in a private practice setting.

  • At least two years’ experience post licensure

  • Have at least one niche market for therapy services (e.g. LGBTQ, grief, depression, family therapy, ASD etc.).

  • Interest in growing into leadership roles


Work hours and schedule may vary depending on patient and Thinking Tree Psychology needs. Hours include some evenings; weekend office hours are also available. Psychologist is not guaranteed a minimum number of patients or sessions per week; however, it is expected that Psychologist will be available to hold at least 15 to 20 sessions per week, provided such sessions are available and referred by Thinking Psychology and outside sources. Patient sessions are held in the offices of Thinking Tree Psychology. 

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Perform on-site clinical therapy services to patients of Thinking Tree Psychology, as scheduled, and in accordance with company policies.

  2. Regular and reliable attendance and timely arrival to work is required.

  3. Be properly licensed and abide by all laws, rules, regulations, and codes of ethics that are binding upon or applicable to the services performed for Thinking Tree Psychology.

  4. Respond to patients’ requests for service within 24 hours whether such requests are made in person, by phone, voicemail, etc. or through the Thinking Tree Psychology website. Respond to such requests by meeting, evaluating, and providing services to such patients.

  5. Communicate with a patient’s treatment team (i.e., PCP, psychiatrist, school, etc.) as necessary.

  6. Timely complete written records for each patient including, but not limited to: intake notes, progress notes, treatment plans, termination notes, and other forms or documents which may be needed or required from time-to-time by Thinking Tree Psychology or third parties in conjunction with the treatment of the patient within a timely fashion (by Friday of the following week).

  7. Keep patient files accurate and up to date.

  8. Charge and collect payments from patients for services provided consistent with the policy and rate for such services as established by Thinking Tree Psychology.

  9. Attend staff meetings and training as directed by Thinking Tree Psychology.

  10. Conduct and regulate therapy services in a professional manner so as to maintain and increase the good will and reputation of Thinking Tree Psychology.

  11. Be respectful of and cooperative and collaborative with co-workers.

  12. Other duties which may be assigned by Thinking Tree Psychology.

We Provide:

  • Steady stream of referrals

  • Competitive compensation

  • EHR for scheduling, notes and billing management

  • Individual case consultation with director as needed

  • Monthly group case consultation

  • Retirement account with up to 3% company matching

  • Flexible office use and scheduling

  • Comfortable office space

  • Supportive team environment